Donald Sonn: Have a Good Experience with Your Doctor

The feeling of powerlessness is one of the worst that comes to dealing with a medical condition, and the last thing you want is to feel intimated when you visit the doctor. If you feel like there’s a power struggle between you and the doctor, there are various ways to ease the anxiety.

Donald Sonn is a medical professional with years of experience and knows that the relationship between patients and doctors can get uncomfortable in some situations. A doctor who projects arrogance can make life difficult, for example. A medical professional who gets defensive or puts up resistance to reasonable questions can also be a sign of trouble.

Can’t talk

When you feel like you aren’t being given a chance to express your side of the situation during a visit, you can feel drained. However, you can always re-engage the doctor and ask them, “Can I finish what I was saying?”

If you need moral support to speak up, consider taking a close family member, friend or neighbor along with you to the next appointment.

Waiting rooms

On some occasions, sitting in the waiting room can rob you of some power.

Of course, there are situations where other patients might not to see the doctor before you or take longer than what is expected, but you can also exercise some level of control. When you get into the waiting room, ask if the doctor is punctual. If you learn they’re running late, you can choose to wait or reschedule the meeting.

Donald Sonn is an experienced urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

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Dr. Donald Sonn: Traveling the world – Benefiting from culture and experience

As many recent graduates have seemingly known for decades, strapping on a backpack and traveling the world can be an enlightening, once in a lifetime experience. Although this time of reflection, growth, and experience may not be practical for everyone, professionals like Dr. Donald Sonn do see the benefits of taking the time to venture out and see new things.

For many of us, traveling is a luxury that time doesn’t seem to afford us. Vacations have slowly morphed into “staycations” that, although can be refreshing, simply don’t have the same effect as leaving behind your everyday world. Seeing new people, places, and things is exciting. Learning about other cultures and taking the time to appreciate the lives of others can be an important aspect of growth and development. Immersing yourself in a new culture, surrounded by unfamiliar languages and lifestyles can be eye-opening and provide what you may need in order to alter your life and make it your own.

These experiences not only give way to appreciation for other people and cultures, but for your own as well. Sometimes taking the time to volunteer in countries to help the needy can be eye opening. Placing value on the things we have can rather than what we want can be difficult in a culture that constantly inundates us with advertisements that show us what we “need” in order to be a specific “type” of person.

For Dr. Donald Sonn, traveling not only allows for some much needed down time from practicing medicine, but for living a more inclusive life. Physicians see people from all walks of life through their years in the medical field and having the ability to understand your patients and relate to their lives and experiences can be important in treating them adequately and building a relationship of mutual respect.

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Dr. Donald Sonn: Urology Care Foundation

The Urology Care foundation was founded in 1987 as the American Foundation for Urologic Disease (AFUD) and began managing a Research Scholars Program. For urologists like, Dr. Donald Sonn, the work of the AFUD, who changed its name to simply the Urology Care Foundation in 2012, has been a valuable tool in research and public education efforts.

As the official foundation of the American Urological Association, The Urology Care foundation works to provide awareness to the public of urologic diseases and symptoms through patient education materials and national public health campaigns such as, “Know your Stats about Prostate Cancer”, “It’s Time to talk about OAB”, and “It’s Time to talk about SUI”. These campaigns not only help people to recognize symptoms but also normalize the need to speak with doctors about issues that some may find embarrassing. The foundation also provides support through over twenty patient advocacy partnerships with various groups in order to advance the education and urologic healthcare provided to those affected by urologic diseases.

Dr. Donald Sonn has worked in his current practice in Springfield, Massachusetts for over seventeen years and knows that awareness for patients is an important aspect of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. When patients make their health a priority they are able to better observe symptoms and seek medical attention when something is wrong. Early detection of many diseases can provide for better treatment plans and results. Likewise, awareness of family medical history and diseases one may be more susceptible to can aid in prevention and treatment measures as well. The Urology Care Foundation is there to support those suffering from urologic diseases and provide information on symptoms and treatment options.

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Dr. Donald Sonn: Common Urologic Diseases

Urologic diseases can affect anyone of any age, gender, or nationality. Dr. Donald Sonn is a Urologist who has worked in Medicine for over 25 years and at his current practice in Springfield Massachusetts for 17 years. During his time in Urology, Sonn has seen numerous conditions. He currently specializes in minimally invasive treatments that allow for faster recovery times and a less painful experience for his patients.

Many of these diseases are very treatable, however, catching any disease in the earlier stages provides for faster results and better outcomes for those who are suffering from unpleasant symptoms associated with these illnesses. For men, these diseases affect the reproductive organs or the urinary tract, whereas in women the urinary tract is affected.

Some of the most common urologic diseases, as defined by the American Urological Association Foundation, include:

  1. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) – Symptoms often include the frequent need to urinate and a weak stream of urine. Those who suffer from BPH, an enlarged prostate, may often feel as if their bladder never fully empties after urination.
  2. Urinary Incontinence – It is estimated that over 15 million people throughout the United States suffer from this type of urologic disease. Some of the many common factors associated with this loss of bladder control include pregnancy, enlarged prostate, urinary tract infections, and diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and diabetes.
  3. Urinary Tract Infections – Theses infections most often affect women but can be found in men as well. Symptoms of UTIs are similar to BPH with a frequent need to urinate and a feeling that the bladder never empties. There may also be a burning sensation during urination.

For physicians like Dr. Donald Sonn, spreading awareness of symptoms, causes, and treatments is important in helping patients identify a problem and seek help. Urologists can provide the treatments one may require ranging from antibiotics to surgery.

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Donald Sonn: How to Communicate Medical Symptoms to Your Doctors

Donald Sonn has been a practicing medical professional for more than two decades, a period in which he’s dealt with many patients. Like any other doctor, Sonn has had to rely on the patient’s explanation of the symptoms for him to make an accurate diagnosis. Indeed, the patient’s description goes a long way in making life easy for the health care team.

Symptoms are what you experience as a patient and that concern you enough to seek medical advice from a doctor. So when it comes to giving an account of the symptoms, don’t be worried about the medical terms or be shy about it. In fact, the more detailed you are, the better.

It is important that you describe things in your own words and not try to use medical jargon or say what you think the doctor should hear. Use your own language in any case. Additionally, if you can describe the symptoms with the use of an analogy, you can help your case. When you say, “I’m having a headache and it feels like a hammer coming down on one side of the skull,” it’s a vivid description that the doctor can surmise to mean “a throbbing headache that might be a cluster headache,” based on the description.

The other aspects to consider include specifics on the location of the body, frequency, severity, and for how long they symptoms have happened. Also, you can provide more information on whether the symptoms are associated with a specific activity, time of day, food, or other triggers you’ve noticed.

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Donald Sonn: Could Male Birth Control Be on the Way

Donald Sonn has been a urologist for more than 20 years, and in his profession has tackled many issues affecting male reproductive health. Birth control is one of them, and in this discussion, condoms and vasectomies have been the prevalent forms of control at men’s disposal. However, advancement in technology might mean the male equivalent of birth control sometime in the future.

Birth control experts see that if there’s male birth control available, it might not be a for a while. There are various obstacles to overcome, including the development period and existing policies. The pharmaceutical industry might also not be quite enthused at introducing new forms of birth control for a number of reasons – legal disputes and the risk of disrupting an already-flourishing oral contraceptive market. Scientists also argue that blocking sperm is more difficult than controlling ovulation of a single egg. Above all, it may take a while to refine potential contraceptives to handle any side effects.

Despite these obstacles, there are a few options that could be used as forms of male birth control.


The Parsemus Foundation has been working on a reversible form of vasectomy that involves no surgery. In this procedure, a polymer jelly is injected into the tube that transports semen and it forms a plug. The jelly can be dissolved by injecting a separate solution.


Any male implants could take the form of the popular women’s birth control option Nexplanon – a small rod that is implanted in a woman’s arm and that releases hormones.

Donald Sonn is a highly skilled urologist and surgeon who has been practicing medicine since 1997.

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Donald Sonn: Ensuring Better Management in Your Business

Donald Sonn is an experienced medical professional and businessman who has worked in business management for many years. Leaning on his earlier experience as a medical doctor, Sonn has found it easy to translate his work ethic and interpersonal skills into a good career in business. One of the things he has found important in business success is empowering the management team towards better performance. To do this, managers have to have the right management style.

Engaging and retaining employees is a headache for many HR and business managers. While many factors play into this, it’s crucial for a company to address the management practices of its management team. In considering the practices, personality types of different people play a big role in the development of a good management culture. Different personalities react and are motivated differently, and, therefore, it’s good to have flexibility in management styles.


For many managers, employee performance is a big factor that contributes to success. But harping on every move, decision and results can lead people to micromanage situations. The success of a business certainly depends on the ability of the staff to deliver, but is it really worthwhile to over-analyze in the name of motivation or appraisal?

While it is important that the management team understands the goals that they should be working towards, overly emphasizing on performance may not always bring the desired results.

Flexible approach

Some managers could certainly be surprised to know that allowing employees some level of autonomy can be good for overall productivity. Showing that you can trust employees enables them to become more independent, which can lead to a productive workforce. This is a good reason for management teams to step back once in a while and encourage flexibility.

Donald Sonn is a skilled physician with a specialty in urology. He is a former Chief of Surgery at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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