Donald Sonn – On the Dean’s List

Practicing medicine at the Urology Group of Western New England in Springfield, Massachusetts since 1997, Donald Sonn has carved a name for himself as a physician specializing in urology Dr. Donald Sonn, which is the treatment of diseases in the urinary tract of men and women, and the reproductive system of men specifically. Sonn received his medical degree in 1991, and immediately went to work on completing two residencies that he finished in 1997. From there he practiced at the aforementioned medical center and still works there today.

Donald Sonn was an excellent student during his academic years. Sonn set high goals for himself to accomplish and strived for each one with great fervor. During his undergraduate years at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Sonn made the Dean’s list four years straight. The Dean’s list requirements are high academic excellence demonstrated in the grade point average of a student during the school year. The achievement looks great on a résumé, but it meant more to him as a personal accomplishment that he strived for year after year. Being on the prestigious list put the ambition young Sonn on a fast track to success for his post-graduate success.

Donald Sonn fully believes that earning a position on the Dean’s list four years running helped him secure an enrollment position at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 1991 graduated from the College of Medicine and continued his postgraduate work through two residency programs completed in 1997 at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York.

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About Donald Sonn

Dr. Donald Sonn currently practices with Urology Group of Western New England. Specializing in impotence, prostheses and stone disease, the urologist also specializes in brachytherapy and surgical surgery. Sonn uses the Da Vinci Surgical System to remove prostate cancer.
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