Dr. Donald Sonn: Urology

The study of Urology is a medical specialty that identifies and treats diseases of the urinary tract in both female and male reproductive organs. Urology often requires a knowledge of internal medicines, pediatric medicine, gynecology, and various other specialties due to the varying nature of clinical problems that a Urologist is often presented. Since Urology covers a wide sweeping scope of medical specialties, the American Urological Association has identified seven subspecialty areas in the profession. These subsets include, urology in pediatrics, urologic oncology, renal transplants, infertility in males, urinary stones, urology in females (including incontinence and pelvic outlet relaxation disorders), and Neurology (including ailments such as erectile dysfunction and impotence) Dr. Donald Sonn is a Urologist who studied at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine who now specializes in impotence, prostheses, and stone disease. Sonn also works in brachytherapy and robotic surgery and has implemented the Da Vinci system for treatment in prostate cancer. With a field has complicated and varied as Urology, having highly educated multi-taskers such as Dr. Donald Sonn in the profession who are willing to try cutting edge techniques and treatments is essential to the growth and development of urological medical findings. Urology is an exciting field with many possibilities and avenues for development and study.

Doctors who are willing to grow with the rapidly changing field of Urology are incredibly valuable to the practice and to the patients with whom they so generously devote their talent and time. With constantly evolving technology, refinements in many areas of surgery have turned once complicated surgeries into minimally invasive, and sometimes outpatient, procedures. Having highly skilled and experienced doctors to perform such surgeries allows them to become more commonplace and acceptable means of treatment for patients. As a person who greatly values education and sharing experiences with others, Dr. Donald Sonn spent ten years of his career as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Urology at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. During his last year of teaching, he also accomplished being named the Chief of Surgery at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. For Urologists, the love of learning and personal development never ends. Keeping up with the latest medical advancements requires practicing urologists to be actively involved in continuing their education. It is this type of devotion to the study of Urology that brings about a new era of treatment options and hope for patients across the globe.

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About Donald Sonn

Dr. Donald Sonn currently practices with Urology Group of Western New England. Specializing in impotence, prostheses and stone disease, the urologist also specializes in brachytherapy and surgical surgery. Sonn uses the Da Vinci Surgical System to remove prostate cancer.
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