Dr. Donald Sonn: Why Consider A Career In Medicine

As both a doctor and recruitment specialist, Dr. Donald Sonn is often tasked with helping people to define what they are looking for from their career. He understands first-hand the many benefits that pursuing a career in a medical field can offer and he list a number of reasons why people should consider the profession for themselves.

1.) Constant Challenges

One of the biggest issues that many people have with their job is the lack of challenge that it provides to them on a daily basis. This leads to them feeling bored in their work, which can have a negative effective on their personal life in the long run. As a doctor, you will never feel bored with what you do as the job presents a wide array of challenges for you to overcome.

2.) Career Choices

There are many different areas of specialization in the medical field, which means you will always have options open to you if you pursue a career in medicine. This allows you to choose a subject that interests you and pursue further education in that field, ensuring that the career you end up having is satisfying in a personal level while offering plenty of room for advancement.

3.) Salary

The potential for earning is high in the medical field, as Dr. Donald Sonn can attest to, so if you are looking for a stable career that offers you the opportunity to bring in a sizable income then medicine is always a good choice. Your skills will always be in demand, so as long as you work diligently there is potential to make a lot of money as a doctor.

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About Donald Sonn

Dr. Donald Sonn currently practices with Urology Group of Western New England. Specializing in impotence, prostheses and stone disease, the urologist also specializes in brachytherapy and surgical surgery. Sonn uses the Da Vinci Surgical System to remove prostate cancer.
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