Donald Sonn: Leadership

At various points in his career, Donald Sonn has been put in a leadership position thanks to his dedication and strong work ethic. He’s was the Chief of Surgery at a renowned medical facility for 10 years, a position that required him to lead by example and use sound judgment when making decisions that sometimes impacted people’s lives.

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Donald Sonn: Prostate Cancer Insights for Younger Men

Donald Sonn is an experienced urologist who has practiced for more than two decades. In his career, he’s had to deal with cases of prostate cancer, which many people see as a disease that largely affects older men. While this is true – the average age of prostate cancer patients is 66 – there are cases of men younger than 55 being diagnosed with the disease. If you are a young man, here’s what you need to know about prostate cancer.

It is aggressive

Prostate cancer is one of the leading types of cancer that affects men. Despite its high ranking, the survival rates with prostate are also very high with early detection and treatment. Most men 55 or younger diagnosed are low-risk, but there are certain tumors that can grow quickly and become more harmful.

Early detection is key

In many cases where younger men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, there is often a genetic component. Simply put, a family history of prostate cancer can put some men at risk of developing it. Where a family history is not applicable, men should be screened at age 50; 45 for men who are high risk. Men in the high-risk category include those who have fathers, sons, or brothers diagnosed with the disease at early ages.

Change of lifestyle

When it comes to reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer, change in lifestyle is a big factor. Staying physically active, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and maintaining a healthy weight help prevent cancer.

Donald Sonn is a urologist who received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University.

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Donald Sonn: Due Diligence is Crucial in Recruitment

Donald Sonn is a business management professional that has years of experience under his belt. He knows a lot about managing a business, and specifically in the area of recruiting, which is important to any business looking to have a competent team.

Recruiting veterans know that each hire has the potential to put the business at risk. Just one bad hire can bring major liability to the business in the form of damaged reputation and/or lawsuits. Recruiting firms can also make things bad for themselves when they fail to address due diligence issues and, therefore, expose themselves in court.

Indeed, if a person is not suitable for the job it might not be easy to change. It is, therefore, necessary for a business to conduct due diligence on a person in order to minimize risks. This means that recruiting personnel to have to check the candidate’s skills, the authenticity of their qualifications, and even perform background checks with relevant authorities.

For internal recruiters, background checks are important to help the business avoid the legal and financial repercussions that might arise from a poor hire or the lawsuit that can arise out of failure to perform a legally compliant background check. Background checks have become a necessary component in performing due diligence, and it has to be done in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

Hiring internally can reduce the costs and process associated with recruiting, but it does not call for lack of due diligence. Even a strong succession plan can be structured to ensure home-grown talent can stack up against the leading lights in the industry.

Donald Sonn is the former Chief of Surgery at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Massachusetts.

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Dr. Donald Sonn: What To Look For In An Engineer

When he opened his own business offering structural design and engineering services, Donald Sonn dedicated himself to ensuring that the company would be able to offer the high standards of service that his clients have rightfully come to expect. He also understands that many people struggle with choosing between the many engineering firms that are available to them, so he has listed the following things that those who are looking for an engineer should keep an eye out for.

Relevant QualificationsDDd

Your engineer needs to have studied at a college that is renowned for its engineering facilities and they also need to have studied in a field that is relevant to your needs. It is important to remember that engineering can be split into a number of different fields, which means one engineer may be more relevant to your project than another. As such, you need to make is a point to ask about where the person you’re considering studied and what qualifies them to work on the project. Ideally, they should also be able to demonstrate further education that they have engaged in since their college days.

Good Communication Skills

Engineers need to have solid communication skills for a number of reasons. Firstly, they will be tasked with explaining complex concepts in terms that you will be able to understand, which will prove vital whenever you need to meet with key stakeholders without having the engineer present. Furthermore, your engineer will also need to work with a number of different people during the course of the project, such as architects and construction personnel, so they must have the ability to communicate what they need from the team. This will ensure there are as few delays as possible during the project and that you have complete confidence in the engineer’s abilities.

A Good Portfolio

Dr. Donald Sonn points out that every engineer worth their salt will have developed a project portfolio that is capable of wowing potential clients, but you will also need to consider how relevant the projects that they have worked on are to the structure that you are looking to build. If they have handled similar projects before, you can feel safer in the knowledge that they know what they are doing and will work efficiently. If you are still uncertain, there is no reason why you can’t ask for referrals so that you can find out what previous clients thought about the service they were offered.

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Dr. Donald Sonn: How To Maintain Business Relationships

One of the key factors in the success of your business is how well you are able to maintain the relationships that you form with other companies. These relationships will often play a large part in how effectively you can run your business, so Dr. Donald Sonn has the following pointers to offer to those who are struggling to keep their business partners on board.

Communicate Often

Communication is crucial in any relationship, whether its business or personal, so don’t neglect it when dealing with the people in your network. Make an effort to send an email of make a phone call every so often, even if it isn’t business related. This will show the other party that you still value the relationship and keeps you fresh in their thoughts should any opportunities arise that your company would find useful.

Deliver What You Promise

No company wants to work with a business that is unable to deliver what it promises, so make sure you don’t overburden yourself by making promises that you can’t keep. Be honest about your capabilities as a business, particularly if you have just started out, as your business partners will often see through deception and will no longer trust you to do the things you claim to be able to.

Offer Value

A good business relationship will see both parties offer something of value to each other. Donald Sonn notes that it is important that you understand why the relationship was formed in the first place so that you can continue offering whatever it is that the other company values. This will, in turn, ensure they continue offering whatever it is that your own business values.

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Donald Sonn: Tips For Overcoming Your Fears

During the course of his career, Donald Sonn has found himself in a position where he has needed to overcome fear and trepidation on a number of occasions. When he made the choice to open his own business, he had to face up to a number of situations that he had never encountered before, some of which proved to be quite intimidating. However, Donald Sonn managed to get through them by keeping the following tips in mind.

Don’t Avoid Them

In many cases, it is the anticipation that we build rather than the situation itself that causes us the most fear, so if you need to do something and are a little worried about it, it is best to simply face it head on. This will allow you to actually tackle the problem, rather than getting yourself into a bad state simply worrying about it, and you will often find that things aren’t as bad as you have made them out to be in your head.

Don’t Shoot For Perfection

While you should always aim to do the best that you can in any situation, it is important to remember that perfection is not something that comes overnight. If you are scared about a situation because you don’t think you will be able to face it perfectly, just remember that nobody is expecting you to and that by facing your fear you will learn far more than avoiding it altogether.

Talk About It

You should never keep your worries and fears to yourself, which is why Dr. Donald Sonn recommends talking about the things that worry you with a friend or family member. This will allow you to get your fears out into the open and receive reassurance that everything will be okay.

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Dr. Donald Sonn: Tips For New Business Owners

As a successful businessman in his own right, Dr. Donald Sonn still remembers the many challenges that he faced during his first year in business. This is often the most difficult period for a business owner, so he has the following tips to offer to people who are just starting out with their own venture.

Create A Great Business Plan

Your business plan should be in place long before the company actually opens its doors and it should detail everything from the competition you will face through to your budget and the goals that the company will aspire to. Make it detailed, yet succinct, ensuring that it focuses on every key aspect of the business in order to provide yourself with the highest possibility of success.

Remember The Business Side

A lot of new business people make the mistake of focusing more on providing the service that they have experience in, rather than the actual business aspect of their new company. It is crucial that you remember that there will be a lot of admin work and a number of issues that don’t have a direct impact on the service that you provide that you will need to cater for, so you need to be prepared to split your time between both aspects of the company.

Don’t Give Up

Dr. Donald Sonn knows that the stresses of that first year in business, particularly when you don’t have the budget to bring people in to help you, are often enough to cause people to give up their dreams. When you start having these feelings, it is vital that you remain determined. Instead of being downbeat about setbacks, consider what you are able to learn from them and how you can apply this knowledge to improving your company. Keep pushing and working hard and you will start seeing your efforts paying off.

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